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  •   Can I get the products in any other country?

    No. Beijing Baicao Jisheng Brain Tumor Research Center. is the only entitled sales agent over the world. So make sure you will not buy Anbol from other outlets.

  •   My mom start to feel weak in her left leg since 1 month BATH, no headache,loss weight but she didn't take it seriously, and the doctor here also found mass at her thyroid. How long for the treatment?

    For patients with obvious symptoms taking 1-2 periods of treatment generally will be effective, taking six months Continuously, 21% of the patients with brain tumors will find become smaller, 38% of the patients will find that brain tumors stop growing, 26% of the patients will find that brain tumors' growth rate slowed, and it is only invalid for 15% of the patient The above data is come from 300 cases of brain tumor clinical trials, including 120 cases of children patients with brain tumor

  •   Brain Tumours mastastis from bowel. How can we purchase Anbol treatment

    You can order and pay on our website. We will sent anbol to you after we receive your payment.

  •   MRI scan 10th April 2012. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Inoperable. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Weakness in right side of body. Can Anbol Cross the blood brain barrier and can it shrink a DIPG tumor?

    Yes, Anbol can cross the brain barrier and shrink the brain tumor.

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  •   æˆ‘口腔溃疡,怎么办

  •   æ˜¯ä¸æ˜¯å‡ºäº†ä»€ä¹ˆé—®é¢˜?怎么没有人回答咨询提问了?

  •   æˆ‘女儿今年三岁八个月,从八个月开始一感冒,鼻子晚上睡觉就呼噜呼噜的不通气。给她吃点药就好了,药一停她又发了,一直到今年五月份,还有头也经常痛的。去鼻炎科看,给她拍了片,查出腺样体肥大。鼻炎科医师给她开了喷鼻子的,还吃了过敏的药。现在已经用了一个多月了,鼻子不呼噜了,头还是经常痛,早几天喉咙溃疡发烧。还有肚子痛,肚子b超做出淋巴结肿大。这种情况可不可以吃你们的药。

  •   æˆ‘女儿今年三岁八个月从五个月开始一感冒鼻子就堵吃了药好了过几天鼻子又呼呼堵了我早一个月带她去看鼻科才检出来是腺样体肥大可是她老是说头痛是不是可以吃你们的药

  •   å¤§å¤«æ‚¨å¥½ï¼Œæˆ‘家小宝三岁八个月,两侧下鼻甲全部有肿块,基本上占了鼻腔的3/4,但是还没有出现打呼噜、鼻塞的现象,有时候孩子会说鼻子难受。医院做了鼻窦CT无明显异常,这种情况现在需要治疗吗?还想知道您这的中药是否可以治好?将来会不会复发?会不会有什么副作用?