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  •   Can you buy Anbol in any pharmacy in China? Charlotte B

  •   I have a pituitary adenoma which is benign but which has an impact on the hormones and thus creating cognitive impairment. Does Anbol help in this case in order to reduce the pituitary adenoma or to help restore the hypopituitarism. Thank you for your promt reply Best Charlotte

  •   I have a pituitary a pituitary adenoma creating cognitive impairment and hypopituitarism concerning some hormones such as Cortisol and Thyroid hormones. Would Anbol help me?

  •   I have Pancreatic Cancer:- 1)can i take only Anbol orally to treat this? If yes; 2)how much(amount) can be safely consumed please? &; 3)at what intervals(hours) should this be taken? &; 4)what are to be the likely symptoms of any side-effects? &; 5)how can you process this purchase & i may make payment? Money Transfer? I am in England, U.K. &; 6)are you able to supply Anbol through my local Chinese herbal medecine clinic? Dan360-UK

  •   Hi, I would like to know if anbol or acupuncture are better treatments than chemotherapy or radiation therapy? Or even better to combined all treatments together?

    And because Anbol can shank the tumor,it make the border of the tumor more clearly,it good for radiation and surgery. And many patients chose radiation/chemo therapy,and at the same time took Anbol. Because Anbol has obvious effectiveness in attenuating the side effects of radiotherapy and increase sensitivity to radiotherapy. And you can take Anbol after the radiation therapy,it can prevent the recurrence of the tumor.Because there is a high risk of recurrence after radiation or surgery.

  •   my mother was diagnosed of brain tumor two years ago. She did not undergo in any operations as the doctors said that there is no any assurance. She is now taking herbal medicines but lost her eyesight. Every year she has her MRI to find out the status of her condition. The MRI says that the tumor grows but just very little that the doctor said that it looks like not growing as all. Can she takes the anbol?

    Anbol can inhibits the brain tumor growth ,shank the tumor, and ease the symptoms . After taking one month to three months, symptoms will ease ,then take Anbol intermittently. Anbol itself is a kind of immune enhancer, and it is quite safe. The ingredients of Anbol are not synthetic chemicals, the three ingredients are all from natural plants, and the three plants as clinical drugs have a thousand of years in China. Anbol has no side effects.

  •   Can you deliver to hotel in Singapore or is it buyable in shop in Singapore? How long time from order to delivery at hotel?

    sorry,we only sell it at beijing, can order on our needs about six business days to your country.

  •   I have Glioblastom. Does Anbol work against that specific tumor?

  •   what are the ingredients?

    Curcuma,,Pedate PinalliaJackinthepulpit Rhizome, Gambir Plant , phellinus igniarius, Chinese wolfberry, Ligustrum lucidumand so on

  •   Can you use Anbol as well for bronchial carcinoma, lung cancer. My wife had 10 years ago brest cancer and used Anbol and it helpüed here very much. Or do you have any other product against bronchial carcinoma. Many thanks for your help an warm regards hans Strahm