Not, actually. They are just made in a large unit to save the expensive international express transportation costs. Enough dosage for every period of treatment, that is 30 days.
 For patients with obvious symptoms taking 1-2 periods of treatment generally will be effective, taking six months Continuously, 21% of the patients with brain tumors will find it become smaller, 38% of the patients will find that brain tumors stop growing, 26% of the patients will find that brain tumors' growth rate slowed, and it is only invalid for 15% of the patient.
(The above data is come from 300 cases of brain tumor clinical trials, including 120 cases of children patients with brain tumor.)
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Yes! Anbol users all over the world are encouraged to keep touch with each other and share their happiness and excitement due to Anbol's excellent performance. Our company will provide more benefits for our club members, for instance, group purchase(10 periods of treatment and above) enjoys a 30% favorable. Besides we have an annual worldwide selection for cancer-beating star from our club members who will be given the chance of free tour and public speech at places of interests all over the world.
Moreover, spontaneous organized activities of all kinds morally and legally correct are encouraged and supported by our mpany, including funds.
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