Wang Rong

   Wangrong was born on September 21, 1937 in Beijing ,Family of Chinese medicine.
   Member of the Institute of Chinese Medicine, Beijing Association of difficult diseases
   Three generations of ancestral medicine, took advanced study in the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for the study of theory and clinical education.
   Early work in Beijing Shunyi Hospital, founded Beijing Baicao Jisheng CMCs with other experts.
   She has been a doctor for 50 years. Pursue ethics first, honest practice. Read the classics, to do clinical, and constantly explore, understand the profound richness of traditional Chinese medicine, promote innovation and practical innovation of Chinese medicine theory actively. Achievements in the field of pediatric clinical research is particularly prominent. Specializing in brain tumors and other diseases. Responsible for a number of clinical drug research, writing 20 papers published in many medical journals in China.
   Wangrong and other members of the expert medical team, after years of clinical experience, developed private parties for brain tumor through clinical examination, it has significant effect, with groundbreaking worth in clinical promoting

Shihuai Li

   Born in 1950, traditional chinese medicine family, began practicing medicine career in 1968 . And in Beijing Health School, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to pursue advanced studies successively; worked in Shunyi Hospital, Beijing Railway General Hospital and other medical institutions. Shida Fu never relaxed their requirements, the deepening of research, has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, Obtain favorable comment by domestic
   Medical and patients with its unique therapeutic effect. brings hope of recovery for the majority of patients with difficult complex.
   With 40 years of clinical work, Shida Fu was cautious and conscientious at work , excellence in professional and was named the hospital advanced workers for two consecutive years.He have participated in Beijing Chinese Medicine Theory Forum meetings several times and get Chinese medicine Medical Association awards and recognition. In 2001 Shida Fu won the China Association of Science and Technology Achievement Chinese medicine research in the field of Chinese medicine. Over the years, Shida Fu focused on brain tumor clinical studies, the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of brain tumors made a number of academic achievements.
   More than dozens of papers has been published in a number of foreign academic journals in the domestic and aboard.