About Us

Traditional Chinese medicine is a valuable asset, making tremendous contributions to the proliferation of prosperity for the Chinese nation. The traditional Chinese medicine results from a wealth of experience in fighting the disease and a unique theory has been developed in the application of natural plant practice and treatment of the diseases for thousands of years. Chinese traditional medicine treatment concept is gradually accepted by the world, traditional Chinese medicine is getting more and more attention. by the international community

Beijing Baicao Jisheng Brain Tumor Research Center is chartered by the Chinese state health department and is an approved establishment of an authoritative senior traditional Chinese medical services., and is the base for transfer achievements into clinical practice by AnBona technology companies in Beijing.We offer for the general public outpatient services .on the base of our spirit of "carrying forward the quintessence Baicao Jisheng" purpose.

Beijing AnBona Technology Co., Ltd. has a national drug review agencies and experts recognized for drug research, development, testing qualification; conducted drug research, development, testing technology platform; completed the national drug review agency-approved drugs Preclinical capacity. Our combined domestic famous scientific research institutions: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Medicinal Plant; Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and other national key laboratories, conduct high-quality research and experimental development services.
Through a large number of clinical practice, Dr. Wang Rong and Dr. Shi Huaili ,the doctors in our Beijing Baicao Jisheng Brain Tumor Research Center,. in accordance with strong science and technology development and laboratory capabilities, we have achieved breakthrough in using natural herbal medicine or treatment of brain tumors. We provide medical services and drug services for patients with brain tumors in both home and aboard, greatly improving the quality of life of patients and survival time!